Kapipal: a new era for donations !

Kapipal has moved to new platform only and the old site was ramped down on May 22. There was an exciting three months of running both sites parallel as we wanted to ensure that the campaigns on the old site were able to run until their finish without any hassle. At the same time we developed our new site to offer better crowdfunding experience to our users, The Kapipalist.

Today, we are happy to announce new update to our service including better user experience on payments. After listening feedback we’ve decided to continue to use Stripe only for the payments. Basically this means better user experience for both creator and contributor. Stripe is a widely used and secure payment service provider and was offered on Kapipal earlier as well. The decision simplifies steps of contributions and is more friendly on mobile browsers. Contributors can still use credit or debit card for payments and creators collect the money straight to their bank accounts. Stripe setup is free and easy to do. It’s mandatory to set up Stripe before the campaign gets published. Campaigns will remain in pending state until the setup has been made. This needs to be done only once. The same setup can be used for any future campaigns unless the bank details are changed. All existing campaigns with Paypal are still working with Paypal payment until the campaign ends.

Payment update makes it easier for creators to collect contributions as well as contributors to make the payment.
We also made improvements on profile page. Now it’s even easier to find your projects, edit them or how do they perform and who have contributed. Other minor fixes were made as well.

We hope you’ll enjoy these improvements – there is more to come! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support.

enjoy !!

Kapipal – staff



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